Today was such an exhausting day! I am soooo tired! But it was FUN.

After church this morning, a group of us took a big group of preschoolers to the zoo! Ean’s mom Tami organized the trip. She got together a bunch of chaperones and assigned each of us a kid that we’d be responsible for the whole day. My kid was my sweet little Kevin. I’ve talked about him plenty of times, so you know who he is. Allie had Keith. Ean had this cute little baby Jordan. There is a picture above of Lacie holding him. The second picture.

We all went to McDonald’s before going to the zoo. I drove behind the van with the kids. Lacie, Allie, and Ean were in the car with me. As we were driving down the interstate we decided to drive right beside the van and all the kids went crazy! It was so funny and adorable.

Every time all the kids needed to be strapped and unstrapped in their seats, I had to do it. It was like me and Sarah and Tami. And that was definitely a job. All the kids were bouncing around in their seats and didn’t want to be strapped in and they were yelling. It was just crazy.

We had lots of fun at McDonalds. It was hard getting some of them to eat cause they just wanted to play on the indoor playground.

The zoo was so fun. Everyone was so good and well-behaved! I was impressed. We had a blast. We really had a great day.

Afterwards I had to rush home and get Bassy (my bass guitar) cause we had band practice. That went… alright. I’m sure we’ll do find on Wednesday regardless. Maybe.

Ean and I went out for some Salsaritas after band practice. That place is just so good. And I don’t like that kind of food that much! But I LOVE Salsaritas.

I’m just exhausted now! It is crazy keeping up with kids! I don’t know how parents do it everyday!

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be 1 Corinthians 15 and 16. Crazy thing. We read 1 Corinthians 15 today in Sunday School!

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