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Alright. I just did the last month in three days, and I changed the date on when I “posted” it so it has the correct date on it. So it may or may not have showed up on your dashboard. But it’s done. And obviously I’m not doing this year. Maybe I’ll do 2013, or something else in 2013. I don’t know. But 2011 is done. Yay!


This afternoon my family was going to the same place that me and Ean went to eat at yesterday, so I volunteered to stay home and clean for our party tonight. I just ate my leftovers!

We always have a New Year’s Eve party. This year in addition to Terrie and Skylar being here, we also had Matthew and Ashleigh, Ean, and Lacie’s friend Jessica. I wish we could have like a big party, but my mom is always like “no I like to just be comfortable and play games with the family!!!” even though she and Terrie are always really crazy cause they have a lot of wine and they aren’t that fun to play with after about an hour. But you didn’t hear that from me! (It’s the same every year haha…)

They made some really good margaritas this year, though. I’ll give them that! We got a Margaritaville (margarita maker) for Christmas and it makes some good drinks!

We did have a good time tonight watching ABC and NBC switching back and forth, and playing games and everything. I like New Year’s.

Well I’m glad I’ve completed this. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings! I probably won’t do a 365 in 2012. This has been very hard! But I’m glad I’ve done this.

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be Revelation 19-22. It would have been awesome to have completed this, but maybe I will by next year!


Happy birthday to Ean! He is 17 today, though he should be about 25. Hahaha. That’s how he acts half the time.

His family got back last night and they did Christmas together (that’s why he didn’t go to dinner with us for Allie’s birthday celebration with family and friends). He got that snazzy cardigan he’s wearing! I think it is so cute!

He and I went out for lunch. We went downtown to one of our favorite places. It is a small locally owned place that has some of the most amazing food! We also shopped around a bit, then I had to run to Target and get some socks and towels. Jacob texted me and said we needed to get socks and towels for a mission thing Passion is doing. So I figured this was my only chance to get those. I then took him to my house and we had cookie cake that I made and Allie and Skylar decorated. It has everyone’s names because it is from all of us, haha. And it has a bow tie cause he loves bow ties. (The top of it on the cardboard says something about him being everyone’s favorite… cause he is). Kellie was over there again partly because of Lacie but partly because she wanted to celebrate Ean’s birthday with us. We had some of the cookie and he opened his presents from all of us (Terrie and Skylar and Kellie and Charles even got him stuff!) He was so happy. He didn’t expect all my extended family to get him things. It made him so happy. He was going out to eat with his parents and his grandma for dinner, because today is his grandma’s birthday, too.

Later in the day we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas dinner part two with Terrie and Skylar (we always celebrate Christmas with them after Christmas). Then everyone came to our house and we exchanged gifts with them.

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be Revelation 12-18.


So today was a bit dramatic. And I told you I had a funny feeling about Mark and I’m not crazy. Usually when I have a bad feeling about someone, they’re usually not good! (And considering this was Lacie’s 4th boyfriend this year never actually helped the situation…)

See the thing is, last week when Kellie had that party, my aunt Pam had a funny feeling about him and noticed some interesting markings on his body. So she did some research on him. And she let Kellie know and Kellie did research on him. And they of course found stuff about him online because when someone is bad, you find things on him. He apparently has a criminal record. He’s also 34. He’s been busted for having like drug labs at his house and all this crap that I’m really not supposed to go into. Like, it’s very complicated. He’s also a compulsive liar. He told us his brother and father were killed in a car accident when he was younger, but I think they’re actually both still alive… ┬áHe made up this whole sob story and everything to make us feel bad for him. I never bought it, I kid you not. I’ve always been creeped out by him.

I can’t really go much into it. I’m not allowed. And my house is also currently on red alert cause my sister is not allowed to talk to him and she is sooooo upset. She knew about all this but she lied about it all as well. But she’s put our family in danger. I mean, he’s a criminal! And we’re like afraid he’s going to take out revenge and get at us for keeping her from him. She’s so mad at us and him and herself and she’s just confused. She doesn’t know what to think because she’s torn between believing that he’s the “good guy” and that we are bad for not letting her live her life freely, and that he’s the bad guy for making her lie to us about everything and what he’s doing is really not that bad at all. I mean it’s just a meth lab, no big deal. He’s just stealing money, no big deal. That’s not bad. The family is mean and evil for not letting her live her life and be with her “love.”

Give me a break.

It’s just been very dramatic. We were going out to eat when all this happened. Kellie had to take Lacie away from the house cause Mark was coming over here and we were afraid he was still going to come, and the rest of us went. We were celebrating Allie’s birthday again (how many does she need, haha!) and she was having some of her friends go.

When we got home things were still very dramatic and scary because we don’t know what this guy is going to do now that we know his secret and Allie and Skylar were just a little afraid. So I took them out to Target and we got Ean a birthday present. It was late, but we had a good time shopping and blasting music in my car.

Things are just so weird. I just wish people would listen to me sometimes. I don’t just “judge” people. I seriously didn’t feel comfortable around this guy because I knew something wasn’t right.

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be Revelation 6-11.


Well this picture is from a few weeks ago, but this is basically me today. And every day. I’m just drinking non-stop hot chocolate, coffee, and tea from these cute Christmas mugs. I looooove it!

My aunt Terrie and cousin Skylar came in town today. They always come in after Christmas for New Years. We have the basement finished this year, so they have a nice place to stay. I don’t think they came last year and Skylar stated “That will NEVER happen again!”

I went over to Ean’s house for a bit to help him clean before his family comes back. He’s been working every day and they expected him to have most of the house clean before he got back. He hasn’t exactly had time, so I went over to knock it out with him. We got a good bit done, then went to get some Menchie’s. I brought him back to my house to play games and stuff with Terrie and Skylar and Allie cause my parents were at a party tonight and Lacie was of course out at Mark’s house. My parents came back and played games with us some. I ended up leaving at like 1 to take Ean back (I knew it would be late, that’s why I drove). On my way back home I was apparently going like over 80 on the interstate (speed limit is 55 here) and I got pulled over. The cop only wrote me up for 65 though, so I don’t have to pay so much, and I won’t get charged for reckless driving. Oops. Oh well. I was just trying to get home before 2AM so my parents could go to sleep. Oh well. I can either go to court and fight it and go to driving school to get it off my records, or I can just pay it. I’ll probably just pay it cause I don’t want to go through all that trouble.

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be Revelation 1-5.


Happy birthday to Allie! She is 15 today.

I took a bunch of pictures of her modeling her outfits she got for her birthday. The very first one is what she wore today. I called her a birthday princess because that’s what she was today! I mean look at her in that fancy get-up! Haha. She was all cute and fluffy today.

We had the family come over this afternoon and have a finger food lunch with us. Like my grandparents and Kellie and Charles and Matthew. We got a big Chick-Fil-A tray. I loooove those. We got one on Christmas eve as well. She also opened her presents while they were here.

Then this evening just the five of us, Ean, and Mark went to Nama and had sushi. I like Nama. Just the vegetarian sushi there, though. I don’t like fish. Allie didn’t really want Mark to go cause we don’t like him much, but Lacie would have thrown a huge fit and Mommy is attached to him for whatever reason. I think he’s creepy. He goes to beauty school with Lacie, which there really is nothing wrong with. But Lacie is just at his house (a city an hour north of where we live) all the time and I just feel as though the whole situation is sketchy and I can’t place my finger on why. Everyone gets mad at me cause I don’t accept him, but he just makes me uncomfortable. He’s like 28 which is 10 years older than Lacie. I mean, I’m like 4 years older than Ean which several people always thought was weird. They don’t think it weird as we get older because the age gap kinda closes as you reach your 20’s. (There are tons of people who never even see a difference because they see Ean as an equal to me and often forget how old he is. And a lot of people that just meet Ean think he’s about 22/23 and I’m 15/16.) But I just have an odd feeling about Lacie’s situation because it makes me feel weird. Everyone got really mad at me in the car tonight, well Mommy did, cause I voiced my opinion about how creepy I think Mark is and she said I was really rude and basically I have no right to feel that way. Daddy didn’t say anything. Allie agreed with me. And Ean was like “I’m staying out of this!!” even though he agrees because we talk about it all the time.

I think Allie’s upset because everyone is focusing on Lacie so much right now with her little boyfriend. My dad gets frustrated with her all the time cause she’s literally always with him. I swear up and down she’s having sex with him because Allie told me that Lacie basically told her she was. But my mom got mad at me for “assuming” that. Allie feels like no one could just focus on her today, which was true. Cause it’s always all about Lacie. “Well Lacie is just so happy right now so let’s let her be happy!” Okay. Let’s let her do all this bad stuff (cause her car smells strongly of cigarette smoke, too) just cause she’s “happy.” Sounds good to me.

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be 2 John 1 and 3 John 1.


This is my awesome TARDIS shirt Ean got me for Christmas. You like? He got me a Dalek one too. I got him the Dalek one for our anniversary, haha.

In a way I like the day after Christmas because I like taking inventory of my new things, but I don’t like the day after Christmas because I’m so sad that it is over! There’s always that feeling of ending because the thing you’ve been building up for weeks for is over. It just makes me sad.

But I’m so happy and grateful for all my wonderful gifts. And my parents loved the DIY champagne and margarita glasses. And my sisters loved their PJ’s and spa kits I got them. I also made them all a DVD of our Disney vacation and gave it to them. They all loved that as well. Ean loved his bowties, sweater, and pillow I (and my family) got him. I love giving things just as much as getting them (if not more!)

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be 1 John 1-5.


Merry Christmas!!!!

Today has just been so awesome and amazing and filled with love and joy. I can’t even put it into proper words!

My family, every year we get up really early and do presents all morning and then have a big breakfast and finish presents. My parents go all out. They plan on doing that even when we’re married and have kids. They want us all to come over for Christmas morning and celebrate together. I hope (if I marry Ean) that Ean will want to do that and his family won’t mind it so much because it truly is an amazing tradition and I think if he watches some of my old home movies he’ll be persuaded enough.

I even love the clean up afterwards. Me and my mom are the only ones who really clean up. My sisters are too lazy and my dad is always so tired and has to take a nap. Every year. So me and my mom always clean up everything.

Then we go to my grandparents’ house for dinner. Ean and Lacie’s boyfriend Mark came over as well. Ean’s entire family except for him and his parents are in Arkansas. They have been all week. Ean has had to work. His parents stayed in town so Ean wouldn’t be alone today. He came over this afternoon, and his parents left for Arkansas this evening. They are coming back like the day before his birthday. So he’ll be alone for the post-holidays.

Ean came over to my house after we had dinner at my grandparents’ so we could watch the Christmas special of Doctor Who. Allie watched it with us, but she fell asleep during it. I almost did cause I’m so tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night! But I loved the Christmas special. I love Doctor Who. I really can’t wait till next fall when it comes back on.

Today was so great. I love Christmas. I got so much great stuff! I’m just so happy :)

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be John 19-21. John 19 is about the crucifixion of Jesus. How appropriate for it to come up on the day we celebrate his birth!


Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!!!

I’m so excited, oh my goodness. I love Christmas!!! This is the absolute best time of the year. I can’t even stand it!

We got a real tree today and decorated it with all our thumb print ornaments. They wouldn’t fit on the “main tree” so I suggested we get a real tree for them. We waited till today to get it, and decorated it this evening after church. This is a collection of like 17 years of thumb print ornaments we’ve made at the Fantasy of Trees.

We went to church this evening. The service wasn’t as good as usual. But I always love going to church on Christmas eve. We have a candle light service… but they forgot to do the lighting of the candles. Haha. Oh well. I went back after we decorated the tree for the one at 10 cause Ean was going to that one (he had to work for the first one).

When I was on my way to the 10 pm service I saw Scott and Kristina on the side of the road. They had been in a wreck. It wasn’t a bad one, just a fender bender by a drunk lady. They weren’t injured. Just shaken up a bit. But I called to make sure everything was alright cause I knew it was them as I was passing.

We had finger foods and stuff tonight between the services as well. I love doing that. I love Christmas eve. I’m so excited tomorrow is Christmas!

Read the Bible in a year

Today would be John 16-18.